Your Pay Wage Increase: Explained

The Annual Wage Review: 2019 Edition

As you may know, the Fair Work Ombudsman holds an annual wage review and the latest one means positive changes the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2019.


So what does this mean? Around 2.2 million Australian workers will receive a pay rise after the Fair Work Commission increased the national minimum wage by 3%.

Your Pay Wage Increase: Explained

Resources For You

For the most accurate and clear resource, we recommend visiting the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Pay Calculator. The Pay Calculator determines base pay rates, allowances, and penalty rates (including overtime) which means you can hop online and check what your new pay rate should be, based on which type of employee pay rate that you fall under.


When Will You See the Pay Increase?

While the pay rate is updated on 1 July 2019, it’s important to remember that you won’t see this increase on your payslip until you have worked on or past 1 July. It’s more likely that you’ll see it in your pay for the second week in July, but this of course depends on your work schedule and your pay cycle. If you're unsure about when you should see your pay increase, ask your direct supervisor or manager.

Do you have any confusion surrounding your pay? Visit the Pay page of the Fair Work Ombudsman website for a full breakdown and further details.

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