Write a Better Hospitality Job Ad in 5 Steps

When compiling hospitality job ads, you have two goals. One, to get the job seen by as many of the right people as possible, and two, to attract a high calibre candidate to match your company’s desired culture.

When you aim to find top quality talent, you have to remember that most of them won’t be desperate for just any paying job. Therefore, when writing your job ad, it must compel the right person to apply.

These five steps will set you up for success:

#1: Choose The Title Carefully

It’s obvious that the job title is what first attracts eyeballs, so make it appealing. If the actual internal title is a little boring, spice it up by using the words that will get attention. 

For example, the official title may be “Bartender”. But if you’re hoping to stand out on the job board, try intriguing titles like “Bar Master” or “Good Times Dealer”.

Quick tip: Keep the job ad heading to 50 - 60 characters, as this tends to outperform other ads with longer headings.

#2: Compile an Ad, Not a Job Description

Hospitality job ads are often written in a tone of doing candidates a favour by giving them the privilege to apply for the role. 

This attitude instantly turns off high quality candidates because it shines a light on what it would feel like to work there. Since this is the mindset of older companies that have not moved on with the times, their work culture is bound to attract the same kind of people, instead of the innovative thinkers you desire.

Therefore, write an ad, not a hospitality job description, so that it draws the attention of the right people by using words that speak to their desires and pain points. 

Quick tip: Traditional advertising focuses on the needs of the audience. Do the same with a job ad.

#3: Be Specific

Although we encourage you to stand out from the crowd, try to avoid exaggeration. Be specific about what you are looking for in your ideal applicant (attributes, skills and qualifications), and distinguish between what’s essential as opposed to qualities that are desired, but not absolutely necessary.

Include a salary range or hourly rate to avoid wasting your time and theirs, as well as the top benefits or incentives.

Quick tip: Clarity is a great way to screen out undesirable candidates.

#4: Provide a Company Brief

If your company is well-known, mentioning the brand in the ad may be all you need to do, but if your brand is not, you need to include the industry of the company, and a little bit about what it means to work there. 

Don’t feel the need to go overboard with a company description, as the candidate can do their homework online if they so choose. 

Quick tip: Remember that the ad is not about your company, but rather about the candidate.

#5: Make it Easy to Read

According to Workology, jobseekers spend on average of 30 seconds on a job ad to determine whether it’s worthwhile pursuing or not. A clump of text repulses people from reading it, and the smaller the font, the more effort is needed to wade through everything. 

Use a big enough, easy-to-read font, and break up clumps of text with subheadings, paragraphs and bullet points. Where possible, highlight important points with bold and italics text so that people can skim through. 

Quick tip: List the most important information at the top of the ad.



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