Whether you’re about to begin your position in a casual dining environment or you’re considering working in a casual hospitality workplace, here are our top 4 things you should know prior jumping on board.

working in a casual dining environment


1. The Level of Service


Just because it’s casual, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the service expectations are any different than a formal dining environment. That is, you should still expect to present yourself in a professional manner. This means being alert, present, attentive, and taking pride in your physical appearance.

Dining in a casual environment does not compromise the level of service. In fact, casual dining environments arguably demand a higher level of service from its team members, especially if experience is lacking. What we mean is your friendliness, availability, and willingness to learn is what help you stand apart from other candidates that might have more experience.

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2. Experience to Gain


Like most positions in varying industries, you can take away from the experience what you choose. In our most recent Humans of Hospo feature, Brooke Adey credits being open to new opportunities and saying ‘yes’ for shaping her impressive hospitality career.

Saying ‘yes’ comes in all forms. If you’re working in a casual dining environment, you will likely have the possibility to work a myriad of roles. At a burger restaurant, for example, roles can include working on the grills, tills, fryers, and on the floor. Take advantage of your surroundings and actively learn every role available to you. Rather than getting comfortable in one singular role, challenge yourself to branch out and learn as much as you can.


3. Transferable Skills


Like taking advantage of the roles around you, a casual dining environment provides you with varying transferable skills to prepare you for your next position. Jared Merlino, Managing Director of Kittyhawk, The Lobo Plantation, and Big Poppa’s began his career as a dishwasher.

Transferable skills you are likely pick up in a casual dining environment include attention to detail, customer service, building and maintaining relationships, language skills, and sales, to name a few. Hospitality is a great industry to gain these transferable skills, whether you are currently studying something unrelated or you have your career mapped out. You never know what you’ll discover and what kind of connections you’ll make!


4. Workplace Culture


Working in a casual dining environment is almost guaranteed to be a good time. Especially in the world of casual dining environments, the quality of the guest experience is what sets one hospitality venue apart from its competitors.

What makes a quality guest experience? A positive environment where team members feel valued and supported. Team members will likely be hired based on their soft skills above experience end credentials.




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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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