Why You Should Rethink Your New Year's Resolution

We’ve heard it all before. “New year, new you”. Every year, we’re told to floss more, eat less, workout more, indulge less, spend more time with loved ones, worry less, write more, the list goes on…we’re exhausted just thinking about it.


Rather than adding more unlikely habit changes to your growing list of New Year’s resolutions, we propose a different angle to begin 2018. Following previous year’s focus of New Year’s resolutions at BENCHMARQUE, we continue the tradition with an unconventional approach.

As we embark on a new year, we invite you to join us in tackling life with three new strategies in mind. Let’s accomplish our best year yet by: Building value everyday, honing in on our goals, and increasing awareness of our thoughts and actions. We anticipate the outcome to be success, satisfaction, and eternal youth. Okay maybe not eternal youth, but you get the idea. It’s going to be good.


Everyday value

On a realistic daily basis, we pledge to find value in everyday. So what does this mean? It will depend on the individual but it revolves around positivity, acknowledging your wins, and the outcome is self-improvement. This might look like making daily lists of to-dos, even if they might seem insignificant. Having a visual representation of your productivity and small ‘wins’ reinforces positivity and clarity. As a result, the outcome often promotes residual motivation and effectiveness. Self improvement based on everyday value leads to a more valuable, fulfilled, and successful life.


Successful individuals have been credited for their dedication to the day-to-day tasks. That is, success comes out of perseverance. Rather than focusing solely on the big picture, we will be acknowledging and honouring the dedication of completing small tasks. Everyday value can be found in seemingly ordinary activities. What makes it different is perspective.


Focus on Goals

Much like the creation of lists under finding value in everyday, focusing on your goals can-and should be tackled on a small scale. Some tips we’ve collected include: Concentrating on a maximum of three goals at a time, creating a vision board, designing a plan, tracking your results, and acknowledging your successes along the way.


It’s contagious. When you know what you want to achieve, it becomes easier to see the benefits of taking action. This train of thought will be our second focus of 2018. Striving for these perspective-focused resolutions will likely result in achieving those generic goals of hitting the gym anyway.


Increase Awareness

Awareness and more specifically self-awareness is about knowing your motivations in life, your behaviours as well as understanding why you behave you do. As we navigate through this year, we will also focus on being more self-aware. The more you pay attention to your emotions and how you function, the better you’ll understand why you carry out the things you do.


David Chang-an internationally recognized and award-winning chef, entrepreneur, and owner of Sydney’s own Momofuku Seiobo, credits self-awareness to his massive success. Before subjecting himself to self-assessment, Mr. Chang seemed to have all the right moving parts without the reward.


In Mr. Chang’s case, the more he knew about his own habits, the easier it became to improve on them. The New York Times credits double-loop learning to achieve expert-level self-awareness. It includes questioning every aspect of your approach, including methodology, deeply rooted assumptions, and biases. This psychologically-based self-examination encourages challenging your beliefs and summoning the courage to act on new information, which should lead to newfangled ways of thinking about your life and your goals.


Wrapping it up

So to reiterate, we will be incorporating value to our daily lives, focusing on our goals, and aiming for heightened self-awareness. This New Year’s resolution may not be as measurable as remembering to floss, but we anticipate exciting new challenges and ultimately, more inspirational and rewarding results.

Come at us, 2018!


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