Why It Pays to Work in Sydney's Restaurants

Australia employs over 288,000 individuals in the restaurant industry. Based on sheer numbers alone, the $20 billion industry offers employees the freedom and opportunity to explore different styles of cuisine and operations. Working in Australian restaurants will residually result in growth when it comes to gaining transferable and soft skills to help you take your hospitality career to the next level.


With thousands of restaurants in Australia’s largest city, Sydney has a sweeping amount of choice when it comes to working in a restaurant. And you never know, you might already possess the personality, knowledge, and skills needed to work in a restaurant environment. From the number of restaurants to the kind of experience you’ll gain, read on to discover why it pays to work in Sydney’s restaurants.


The City in Numbers


Each day, an estimated 615,000 individuals visit Sydney. This is great news for hospitality workers and even better news when working in restaurants. Waitstaff makes up 30% of the hospitality workforce and there are just shy of 22,000 restaurants in Sydney. According to Eating Out in Australia, Australians dine out an average of two to three times per week which equates to roughly 50 million meals each week. Furthermore, the average Australian household spends an average of $94 to eat out on a weekly basis.

So why is this good news? People in Australia are eating out regularly and show no signs of stopping, so the opportunities to secure valuable jobs in restaurants are expected to increase.

Along with the amount of Sydney venues, you also have a plethora of roles to choose from. For example, front of house roles alone consist of waiters, hosts, and food runners, to name a few. Working in a restaurant will expose you to the amount of different position within that environment, and often allows you to explore various roles within a single venue, if you so choose.

Major hospitality occupations Sydney 

The Experience

It’s no secret that Sydney is a hub for talented venue operators, managers, chefs, bartenders, and front of house staff alike. Australian restaurants wishing to be acknowledged with excellence earn prestigious ‘chef hats’ awarded by the Good Food Guide. If you’re unfamiliar with the award program, the range for hats starts at one and reach a maximum of three being awarded. It’s the highest honour of culinary excellence in Australia (equivalent to the Michelin star award overseas).

The Good Food Guide just recently released the awarded restaurants across the country. In Sydney, there are only three restaurants that earned their three hat status. Twenty-two restaurants in Sydney were awarded two hats and a total of fifty Sydney restaurants were recognised with one hat. Our friends at Momofuku Seiobo were honoured with three hats, and Momofuku Seiobo’s General Manager and our first #HumansOfHospo profile, Kylie Javier Ashton, was awarded the Citi Service Excellence Award.
Our friends at Sokyo also maintained their one hat status for the consecutive sixth year.


Ultimately, by working in a Sydney restaurant, you are working alongside and learning from the best. If you're looking to work in a restaurant, have a look at our tips on how to get hired.

The Choice

With thousands of restaurants to choose from in Sydney, you have the freedom to choose what kind of establishment you would like to work at. From Asian-fusion to modern Australian and everything in between, you are guaranteed to find a cuisine that suits your preference.

Beyond the types of cuisine, you also have the luxury to choose which restaurant to work to suit your schedule, personality, and experience. The best news of all, due to the current skills shortage, you have your pick, if you have the right attitude and experience.


Where can you find a hospitality job in a Sydney restaurant? 

Click below and we’ll put you in touch with some of the city’s best venues, including one, two and three hat restaurants.

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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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