Things You're Tired of Hearing When Bartending

We partnered with 5Why on our previous campaign, Humans of Hospo, featuring Kylie Javier Ashton (Momofuku Seiōbo), Jared Merlino (Lobo, Kittyhawk, Big Poppa’s), and Brooke Adey (Chiswick, Bea). While 5Why continues to share content on everything from travel and entertainment to wellbeing and health, read on to get insight into the hospitality industry: The good, the bad, and the relatable. Bartenders, this one's for you.

Bartender pouring beer

Maybe you’re a bartender who can relate? Maybe you’ve heard all of these lines before (and then some)? Read on to discover a compilation and prepare yourself for some of these gems if you plan on beginning a new position as a bartender.


Here’s a compilation of some things a bartender never wants to hear:


“Are these the only beers you have on tap?" Actually, there is a secret beer tap that we hide behind the wall just for shrewd, inquisitive patrons such as yourself. Turn away for just a moment while I move this strategically placed book to uncover that Hahn super Dry you were looking for.

Things bartenders are tired of hearing

“Can I please split the bill ten ways?”You seem like a lovely, fair, diplomatic person. But if not one of your friends is willing to pay for your soda water, it's time for some reflection.


“What’s your favourite drink?" Well, mine is a bottle of dark rum and maybe an ice cube, but we're not here to talk about me, I'm here for you.

Hopefully you haven't (or have) heard too many of these one-liners if you've worked as a waiter or currently have a waitstaff role. If you have, however, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone; we guarantee hospitality jobs in Sydney has had similar instances (or worse). 

And while we certainly don't recommend using any of these sassy responses (which should obviously strictly remain within your internal dialogue), we do promote reaching your potential as a bartender through experience and acquiring skills.


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