Technology to Hurt Hiring for Hospitality Businesses

Everybody’s got an idea for a great app right? Ok, not EVERYBODY, but it has resulted in gazillions of apps being created and publicised and then sold on the appstore. And it will come as no surprise that the hospitality industry is a hotbed of app ideas and creations, some of which are extremely useful and some of which are outright mysteries. 

There have been a number of media releases recently from companies that have created apps that claim to have the ‘hospitality staffing problems solved’. Hot on the heels (or maybe not so hot) of that little app you may have heard of called Uber, people have claimed to have created the ‘Uber for hospitality’ – apps that are granting desperate venue operators who are short on staff access to a wide range of candidates at short notice or for one-off events.

So… problem solved, right?

To industry insiders, some of these apps are missing the point.

The key issue in the industry is that we’re in the middle of a critical skills shortage, not a people shortage. There’s a big difference.

Hospitality and Human Resources

You need skills to pay the bills

The future of the industry depends on boosting skilled employment. And the key word here is skilled. These types of ‘apps’ fill empty roles, but they don’t solve a shortage of skills – they will just further highlight the lack of qualified candidates available.

So what employers need to ask themselves is: would I prefer… quality or quantity?

The 2017 ‘Eating Out In Australia’ report highlighted that the top 4 staffing challenges faced by operators are:

  1. Poor work ethic
  2. Low knowledge / skill levels
  3. Recruitment
  4. Retention

There that word is again: skill. And the reality is, that whoever is using these kind of apps, whether they are business owners or managers, their needs won’t be met. Their problem won’t be solved. The industry needs quality, not quantity. And quantity simply leads to  more frustration.

Trying to attract skilled and passionate staff is much harder than it used to be, but the more app’s of this kind that are developed, the more diluted the market becomes. Who is regulating this pool of ‘talent’? Who is determining the quality of the candidates that are being presented to businesses? Is there any training at all to improve the overall skill level? 

Why is this so important?

What hospitality business owners must remember is that their front-line staff are the face of their venue. They are the lifeblood of your operation and are out on the floor interacting with your customers on a daily basis - ultimately determining the quality of experience your guests have. Investment in them is critical to your success, for without satisfied customers you have nothing. 

Ask yourself what the real costs are of using an app that claims to answer all your staffing problems? Will it guarantee quality candidates who will maintain or improve the customer service experience within your venue? 

As you can see, there are just too many questions associated with apps like these.

So how do you find or attract top talent?

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom and there is help available. Here at BENCHMARQUE, our business supports growing best practice operators who need skilled support staff at an affordable cost.

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About the author Marlowe Bennett

With 22 years of experience and over 23,000 professional hours working across Sydney’s hospitality industry, our content aims to inspire young candidates to pursue professional careers and to help operators grow compliantly.


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