Sydney's Best Secret Bars

Sydney's Best Secret Bars

When it comes to the small and secret bar scene, Sydney is killing it with these sneaky options. We couldn't agree more with 5Why's article as they round up the best secret bars in the city. 

lobo plantation sydney secret barsPhoto: The Lobo Plantation (5Why)

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"While Sydney's notorious lockout laws have made some ares of the city a ghost town, there is one thing for certain. The small bar scene has never been more diverse or classy." 


Regardless of where you like to hang and what vibe you're after in Sydney, there's probably a killer secret bar in your 'hood.

Located in Darlinghurst, Big Poppa's is a cool-vibe cocktail bar, playing iconic hip hop music with cosy seating. PSA the kitchen is open until 2:30am and their Italian nibbles are next level.

Photo: Big Poppa's (5Why)

big poppa's sydney secret bars

Lobo Plantation is located in the basement on Clarence street, serving up a pretty spectacular range of rum, with over 250 types. This classy establishment's decor is Caribbean retro chic, making you feel like you're on holidays.


Next up, Earl's Juke Joint in Newtown is another sneaky winner, flying under the radar and looking like a butcher's shop from the exterior. Their cocktails are top notch. 

The Doss House is nestled in The Rocks, with over 150 whiskeys on offer. The rustic and historical interior also boasts some tasty cheese platters to pair with your drink.


Lastly, Stitch Bar is a laid back American-influenced bar with a good range of whiskeys in the heart of the CBD. 

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