Sydney Rooftop Bars You Need to Visit this Summer

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Sydney rooftop bars you need to visit this summer

This time, 5Why have compiled some of the best rooftop bars to catch those Sydney views all summer long. Here are their picks of some of the best rooftop venues Sydney has to offer. 


"Melbourne, you may have better bars (well, it's debatable), but Sydney has better weather."

Double Bay Intercontinental - Sydney rooftop bars you need to visit this summer

Double Bay Intercontinental

Described as a "vibrant destination with panoramic views" and a vibe that "is very much a hotel bar", catch Double Bay Intercontinental's stunning views in - you guessed it - Double Bay.

And judging by their Instagram snaps, you'll be feeling more like you're on a Greek island rather than the middle of a bustling city. Not too shabby!


Sweeneys' rooftop is a small space with a big feel. The decor is as unassuming as its drink offering, but it nails on delivering what the venue is all about - an old-timey pub with a traditional feel. 

5Why loves their cheap and cheerful drinks paired with their casual atmosphere. They warn, however, that it gets pretty crowded if you don't get there early so keep that in mind before heading over.


Sydney rooftop bars you need to visit this summer


Self-described as being "Sydney's escape rooftop bar" it's no wonder why Sweetheart's made the list.

"If you're after good ribs, overpriced cocktails, and an open-air space parading as a sub-tropical getaway, Sweetheart's will do the trick. Just keep in mind the space is relatively small and often garners a backpacker vibe."

And there you have it!

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Hotel Palisade

The revamped Hotel Palisade's rooftop boasts one of the best views in the city with an unobstructed view of the iconic Harbour Bridge. Located in Barangaroo, the pastel-filled venue is both chic and functional. Meaning, if the weather takes a turn, you can hop inside for a view that's just as impressive. 


Located in the CBD, Taylor's rooftop is a lush escape in the heart of the city. 

"The design is contemporary and lively, yet still has a backyard feel."

Zephyr Bar

At the top of the Hyatt Regency in the CBD, Zephyr Bar attracts the post-work crowd and for good reason. Their views and the impressive cocktail menu provides the goods.


To check out the original and full list of all the rooftop bars, catch the article here.

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