According to recent research by Open Table, only 1 in 5 Australians leaves a tip when dining out. Why? Because, believe it or not, unlike our international friends tipping is not customary in Australia. So, what does this mean for those working in front line hospitality jobs in Sydney? It means they have to go above and beyond to provide a memorable service experience. Discover our top tips below, to help you increase your tips.

Sydney hospitality jobs: How tin Increase Your Tips

The key takeaways

1. Strive to give your guests a memorable dining experience by being attentive, prompt, and polite.

2. Don't make your guests wait - always have a sense of urgency and make them feel appreciated and valued, aiming to anticipate their needs.

3. Build rapport with your guests by introducing yourself and checking back throughout their dining experience - listen and try to customise their service

4. Don't expect a tip if your service was basic. A tip should be earned, not assumed.

5. Avoid crowding your guest while they're paying. Instead, give them space so they don't feel pressured.

6. Like you greet your guests, ensure that you see them off with a goodbye at the end of the day. A smile and "goodbye, enjoy the rest of your day/night!" does wonders.

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