Mental Health Support for Hospitality Workers

Working in hospitality is an exciting industry, where every day is different and you have the opportunity to work around all types of people and personalities. It’s a dynamic industry and suits those who prefer being on their feet in the action and don’t belong in an office.

With the unpredictable nature of hospitality and events, along with the excitement comes high stress, irregular and often isolating hours, along with high pressure. The fast-paced industry is a competitive one, which results in high demands and even higher stress levels.

While there are small 
things that can be done while you’re on your hospitality shift, often times that’s not enough. It’s always okay to ask for help that's exactly what the launch of Hospo for Life welcomes. Hospo for Life is a space, designed for exclusively supporting the hospitality industry’s workers.

“I’ve spent more than two decades in this industry, and I’ve seen too many people who feel like they have no support when times get tough,” says [chef Liam] Crawley.

Hospo for Life Launches
“The kitchen can be an incredibly lonely place, and most chefs aren’t celebrities with groups of people around them demanding their advice.


The hospitality industry is changing, shifting the focus to valuing staff and swapping screams in commercial kitchens built on fear to nurturing and inspiring hospitality workers. Another step in this right direction comes through from Hospo for Life. The not-for-profit organisation provides 24/7 access to a qualified psychologist for all hospitality employees whether you’re a chef, administrative worker, or bartender, and everything in between. 

Most chefs earn enough to look after their family, and simply don’t have the time or flexibility to take a day off to seek the help that they know they need.”


According to Hack, there were 3,128 deaths by suicide in Australia in 2017. Out of those 3,128, 563 of those were from the hospitality industry. With tragic statistics like that, it's apparent that hospitality workers are in need of support, just as much as any other industry, if not more urgently. 


“We want to give hospitality workers the same opportunity for mental health support given to workers in the corporate and government space”, says Altius CEO and co-founder Derick Borean.


With the high-stress conditions of working in hospitality from the long hours to missing out on family time to the high expectations of the industry, Hospo for Life could be just the kind of support that the field needs. Visit their website here


Discover the full article from hospitality magazine and more details surrounding Hospo for Life here

If you're looking for more resources of this kind, check out Food for Thought, Lifeline, and RUOk. Interested in keeping up with industry news and all things hospitality? Join our network below for updates and expert advice. 

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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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