Job Ad Prices in Australia: Reference Guide

Considering advertising a job online? This article will breakdown the fees charged by Australia’s biggest job sites and explain why outsourcing your recruitment may be a smarter alternative.

There are two major aspects to consider when choosing the best sites for advertising your position online. The first one is the actual cost of the ads. Even though there are free options, paid ads get better exposure, which was confirmed by Indeed, who says that paid ads achieve 5 times more clicks than free listings.

The second aspect is that some resources provide tools for effective job descriptions and candidate management, so that when you pay to advertise, this comes as a free service. These tools can streamline the candidate selection process, but can be an unnecessary cost if you have that work covered already.



Seek Ad Prices

The monthly price allows an ad on the Seek website job board, and the post gets matched to potential candidates who receive notification of the ad via email. The more you pay for the ad package, the more attention it’s designed to get.

Fee entitlements

  • 30 day listing
  • 1000 credits for candidate searching
  • Candidate management tools
  • Emailing and scheduling
  • Build a review board where candidates can read testimonials from employees about your brand, to find the best people to fit your company culture

The numbers

There are 28 million job seekers on the site each month.

Job ad visibility

The listing shows up on all devices.

Seek job ad prices

There are different packages according to your company’s needs. Take a package if you plan to advertise 3 or more positions in a 6 month period. 

Once-off prices:

Classic ad: $275 plus GST

Standout ad: $330 plus GST

Premium ad: $395 - 695 plus GST




Indeed Ad Prices

Free job ad listings appear in the general Indeed search results and paid ads on the Indeed website plus partner sites. Their pay-for-performance model means you pay only when your ad is clicked. Set a budget to ensure you don’t go over your spend limit. Search candidates for free and pay $1 when you contact a job seeker.

Fee entitlements

  • Candidate management tools
  • Emailing and scheduling ability
  • Company page

The numbers

Indeed has 200 million job seekers a month.

Job ad visibility

The listing shows up on desktops and mobile devices.

Job ad prices

Set a daily budget to ensure you don’t go over your spend limit. When your ad reaches your maximum budget, Indeed stops showing your ad. The higher you set the cost per click, the more visible your ad is.




LinkedIn Job Ad Prices

Anyone on LinkedIn who searches for job posts is able to view your ad on the job board. The job ad is also placed on your company page. In addition, LinkedIn provides 50 candidate matches, and sends the ad to matched applicants via email. The ad can also be shared to social media.

Fee entitlements

  • 5 Free InMail messages to reach out directly to candidates
  • The provision of 50 potential candidates
  • Emails sent from LinkedIn to people whose profiles match the job listing
  • Track and manage applicants
  • Analytics of applicants and how the the job post is doing

The numbers

500+ million people have LinkedIn profiles, of which LinkedIn says not all are actively seeking jobs, but 85% are open to new opportunities.

Job ad visibility

The job ad shows up on all devices.

The listing is advertised on the homepage of the most likely LinkedIn candidates, on your company page, as well as on LinkedIn’s searchable job board. The ads are posted to LinkedIn’s searchable job board and via email to match people you are looking for. 

Your first degree network receives an update about the job post on their homepage. 

Job ad prices

Set a daily budget. You’ll only be charged for the amount of job views. The price depends on location.



CareerJet Ad Prices

Working on a price per click basis for advertising job posts, CareerJet is a search engine that lists jobs on the web from 90 countries. Your job as are placed on the search engine so that candidates can find them.

Fee entitlements

  • Get a free personal account manager to help make the most of your job ads
  • Manage listings and statistics

The numbers

Careerjet accesses almost 34,000 websites to find approximately 100,857 jobs published in Australia.

Job ad visibility

The ads are visible on all devices.

Job ad prices

AU$0.10 net per click, with a minimum spend of $100.


Is Advertising Your Job Online Worth the Cost?

Attracting quality candidates can be tough, and when you post your ad online it can turn into a needle-in-the-haystack game. The sites listed above can attract a great volume of applicants, but we’ve found that less than 10% of these are eligible to interview.

Instead of posting your ad online, crossing your fingers, then sifting through piles of unsuitable CVs, strategic businesses are finding that using outsourced HR services is the smarter choice.

If you’re finding it difficult to attract the right hospitality talent on your own, download our HR Services Fact Sheet to discover how BENCHMARQUE can help.



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