Is Working In a Restaurant For You?

If you’re interested in working in restaurants within the hospitality industry but you’re unsure if it will be the right fit, this is the blog for you. First, we’ll start out by stating that there are thousands of restaurants in Sydney to choose to work at, varying in service styles, cuisine, and much more.


To keep things simple, this article will outline the basic soft skills and technical skills that you will likely be expected to have in most restaurant environments in Sydney. This should help you determine whether or not working in a restaurant is the right move for you.


The Common Soft Skills

If you plan on working in a Sydney restaurant, you’re in good company. With the booming and growing $20 billion industry in Australia, new restaurants are popping up daily. Regardless of the type of restaurant, the soft skills you should likely possess include:

  • Attention to detail. Working in a restaurant means you're constantly running around, taking care of multiple guests at one time. Having the ability to notice when a guest is out of water or has been waiting a long time for a table will serve you well.
  • A positive attitude. Staying positive and upbeat is infectious for those around you. Since the guest experience at a restaurant involves a team rather than an individual, having a positive attitude and a positive relationship with your team members will go a long way.
  • A sense of urgency. Being quick and efficient is another common soft skill if you’re working in a restaurant. Speed and efficiency will likely be expected of you from your boss. Similarly, guests will appreciate your fast-paced behaviour, minimising wait times for service and anticipating your guests’ needs.

The Top Personality Traits

If you’re working in a restaurant, the top personality traits include:

  • Being adaptable. The sequence of service and menu items can be different from one season to the next and one restaurant to the next. Moreover, you should be prepared to be on your toes and welcome change.
  • Illustrating patience and empathy. Your aim will be providing a positive dining experience for your guests and you’ll undoubtedly encounter a diverse group of guests who are not well versed in what you do. They might not understand your menu, may have an accent if English is not their first language, and will likely have varying dietary requirements. You should be able to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes and remember that just because you’re an expert in your particular environment, that doesn’t mean everyone else is.
  • Having great communication and a strong sense of teamwork will get you far in any industry, but this especially proves true in hospitality and specifically restaurants. You will often have the opportunity to help out a coworker that has a lot on their plate, like taking inventory or hopping on to the floor if it’s busy and your role is a bartender, for example.

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Working in a restaurant might not be for you if…

  • You value routine and get easily stressed in fast-paced environments. Most restaurants experience rushes or busy dining times (usually around lunch and dinner time) in which you will be responsible for dealing with a higher volume of guests. No matter how organised you are, things can go wrong. For example, the booking system could have a glitch or the EFTPOS machine could completely break down and you'll be forced to improvise. Moreover, you should prepare for the unexpected on any given day.
  • You’re not a “people person”. Especially if you’re working any front of house role, you will be speaking with guests and interacting with all types of people - including your team - throughout your shift. You don’t necessarily need to be extremely outgoing and over-the-top but if you’re not comfortable engaging with people every day, this might not be the right environment for you.


After all this, do you feel as though working in a restaurant could be a great fit for you? If so, check out our blog on how to get hired in a restaurant. If you’re unsure about working in restaurants, maybe working in events would suit you more. Find out now at our events blog here.

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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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