How to Make Coffee, the Basics: Video

Did you know that nearly half of Australians are coffee drinkers?

From flat whites to long blacks, from a macchiato to the cappuccino, crafting coffee is an Aussie art form and an essential skill for many of today's hospitality employees.

If you have an interest to be a barista, this quick video gets you back to basics, with a few tricks thrown in for a beautiful, mouthwatering cup of coffee.


Every cup of coffee should be made with care. Along with putting a little love into every brew you create, find the basic steps to follow below:

1. Turn on the grinder.

2. Fill the basket with ground espresso beans.

3. Groom the coffee. (Ensure that the basket is filled with ground beans and is levelled out at the top). Pull the grinds back then push it across and ensure that there aren't any grinds on the outside rim of the basket.

4. Push the tamp down. (Press lightly and spin. Ensure that the pressure is level and even).

5. Keep it even and clean. (Clear out any excess coffee grinds).

6. Begin extraction. (Run it once before doing so).

7. Fill jug. (Depending on the amount of coffee you're making, measuring the milk to the bottom of the spout is a good gauge).

8. Create vortex for texture. (Steam that milk!)

9. Watch the temperature. (Use your hand to detect when it's done - you should only be able to hold your hand on the jug for one complete second before the heat is too much).

10. Swirl and pour. And voila! 

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