How to Land an Event Management Job After Study

You've just completed years of study, and now you're keen to find that dream job. Congratulations! However, there are others in the same boat as you, and they also want the job you're gunning for.

When there is so much competition, how do you land an event management job fresh out of studying? It really all comes down to a bit of planning and marketing of yourself. With a few wise nuggets, you can stand out from the pack and start your career with a bang.

Decide on Your End Goal

There are many aspects to event management, but what’s important is to understand your end goal. Why? Because then you can better plan where to start. As a result, you’re likely to become laser focused and achieve your goals faster.


For example, event management is completely different to event planning. In fact, these two disciplines are suited to entirely different personalities: extroverts are likely to prefer managing events, while introverts may enjoy the planning side of things.

In addition, you need to remember that to you need marketing skills in order to land an event management job after studying. And by that we mean that you need to market yourself, and you need to do it properly. For example, if you decide you would like to become a wedding event planner, it would be a mistake to brand yourself as a corporate events specialist.

Every bit of “marketing” material you put out there must align with your end goal.

Be clear about where you are going, and you’ll get there faster.

Create a Cover Letter Template

Finding a job after studying IS a job on its own. Including a cover letter should be non-negotiable for each position you apply for. Cover letters tell a story about who you are, and it’s more intimate than a resume which simply shows your skills and experience.

In addition, the cover letter is the employer’s first impression of you. It will either inspire curiosity for them to dive into your resume, or result in a quick glance at your CV to see if it’s an improvement.


Every job you apply for will more than likely need it’s own customised cover letter, but to simplify the process, compile a template that you can tweak for each job.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is an online resume that boasts your abilities 24 hours a day. It is a powerful way of getting found by employers, who use the tool for headhunting. So it makes sense to update your LinkedIn profile with details of the knowledge gained in your studies.


Demonstrate your understanding of what you learned instead of simply reciting the course topics. Always compile “marketing materials” for the benefit of the employer, and what’s important to them.

Start Blogging and Go Digital

What better way to demonstrate your passion for event management and your learned skills than by starting an events industry blog, and tweeting about it? It also makes it easier to be found online after some time and build a name for yourself in the industry.

Building a professional network of like-minded people is another benefit of starting to blog and taking your skills to social media.


Look for Intern Programs

Intern programs (paid or unpaid) are work opportunities for a period of 1 week to 12 months offered by employers. They are golden opportunities to gain experience and sharpen your skills in a practical manner, and on occasion, can lead to permanent employment. 

It’s also great to add this experience to your resume.

Check Your Attitude

Event management graduates who display passion, drive and a willingness to learn are the ones to get snapped up faster than other people who may have the skills but lack the drive, or who’s personality doesn’t fit the job.


With savvy employers, attitude is what counts when you’re up against hundreds of other applicants who all boast the same knowledge as you do. Attitude is what makes you shine and gives you the edge, especially in the hospitality industry.


To kickstart your career in event management, submit your resume with us today. We’ll put you in touch with some of Sydney’s most exciting venues and events.


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