Regardless of your operation's size, workforce management should be a vital part of your operational strategy. From maximising productivity to maintaining compliance and a fostering a harmonious and positive workplace, a customised workforce management plan will ultimately gift you back the time to focus profitability. 

Read on to discover what hospitality workforce management in Sydney includes and how it may relate to your operation.

Essentially, workforce management encompasses all the processes and tools needed to ensure your hospitality business can thrive. From a seamless online candidate application process, interviewing and recruitment to award interpretation, complete payroll management and compliance, here is a breakdown of what workforce management includes, how it's connected with common industry's challenges, and how you should be structuring yours.


Before we dive into the best practices for managing your hospitality workforce, here are the biggest challenges facing Sydney's operators within the industry. 


The Challenges of Sydney's Hospitality Operators

A recently published a report outlining the dominant challenges in the hospitality industry highlights the most common struggles to operators as;

  • Inconsistent candidate onboarding experience, leading to low engagement and high turnover
  • Poor work ethic, lack of knowledge or skill levels 
  • Not enough time to manage all operational aspects successfully
  • Compliance surrounding wages, award rates, penalties and payroll functions

If in the past year your hospitality business has experienced any of the above common challenges, reviewing your operation's workforce management strategy may just provide your venue with the opportunity to survive. 

In the expanding scene of Sydney hospitality, having a dedicated plan will contribute to skilled and passionate staff, lower turnover rates, along with less financial risk and stress surrounding wage compliance.

What Workforce Management Covers

Here is what a workforce management plan should look like. It should start with a strategy based on your pain points. Each business is unique so discovering these is an imperative part of the process. If you haven't already, check out our HR Health Check and score your operation through our free tool.
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While workforce management can cover a myriad of elements, we've highlighted the top strategies for workforce management in Sydney.

  • Resourcing strategies. A solid workforce management strategy should include an advertisement and recruitment plan. This starts with knowing your brand along with an idea of the perfect archetype to make up your team.
  • Interview guidelines. Once your resourcing strategy has successfully sourced some potential talent, your interview guideline plan should help sift through the applicants and make some successful hires.
  • Training and skills assessments. Whether your new staff are lacking the technical skills or you're ensuring consistency across your whole team, skills assessments are vital in running a successful hospitality business. Your skills assessment can be used in the interview process to assess skills, personality, presentation, and culture match. It can also be a refresher to existing staff or as a form of training to learn the basics. 
  • Onboarding processes. Having a structured onboarding process will assist you in managing forecasted growth, predicting seasonal influences, realising industry trends, as well as preparing you for resignations or visa expirations. 
  • Payroll management. Fully understanding hospitality payroll and having the time along with the tools to carry out an accurate and compliant system should always be a priority for your business. Payroll comes with its challenges such as paying staff incorrectly, compliance, payroll, taxes, and superannuation. As a business, it's your responsibility to carry out your payroll system with consistent accuracy. Without this, any operation cannot thrive.
  • HR. HR covers everything from your business' resourcing and administration, staff management and coordination, and workplace culture initiatives. To successfully thrive in the competitive and vibrant industry of hospitality, your HR management plan should be built on your company's core values. With an organised structure, your business should nurture your team, prioritise open communication, follow through with your promises, and ensure hospitality compliance.
  • Performance reviews. Conducting performance reviews is a win-win for your business as well as your staff. Holding structured performance reviews will ensure that your team feels valued, and it's a great way to better understand your staff which, in turn, helps you better understand your business and promotes growth.
  • Exit interviews. Another vital part of your workforce management plan should include exit interviews. An exit interview process maximises the feedback you'll gain from your staff, resulting in a stronger company culture, processes, as well as leadership. 


Creating, structuring, and implementing a workforce management plan can be a time-consuming process, albeit a necessary one to thrive in Sydney's hospitality landscape. If you can't afford to spend the time to implement or maintain these processes, outsourcing your workforce management to industry experts is a must. 

If you are in interested in understanding how this can benefit your operation, discover our free resources below.
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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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