Hospitality Jobs That Turn Into Careers

We partnered with 5Why on our previous campaign, Humans of Hospo, featuring Kylie Javier Ashton (Momofuku Seiōbo), Jared Merlino (Lobo, Kittyhawk, Big Poppa’s), and Brooke Adey (Chiswick, Bea). Visit our Humans of Hospo profiles for valuable career advice within hospitality. While 5Why continues to share content on everything from travel and entertainment to wellbeing and health, read on to get insight into the hospitality industry: The good, the bad, and the relatable.

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Maybe you, like many, are under the impression that hospitality jobs are reserved as a side gig whilst you pursue another career. And while many hospitality jobs are, in fact, perfect for extra work while you study or travel, we also challenge this notion by promoting hospitality careers as being a valuable, rewarding, and fruitful.

Regardless of what career you choose, working in hospitality will provide you with the soft skills, transferable skills, and experience to prepare you for success. Read on to discover some (of many) hospitality jobs that can lead to a valuable career.

#1. Hotel Management.


"Landing a role in a prestigious hotel may see six-figure salaries in your future, and it may also lead to opportunities in the bars and restaurants or vice versa."

Hospitality jobs that turn into careers

#2. Sommelier. You'll need to know the difference between your white and reds for this one. Spending your days immersed in wine and knowing how it accompanies different dishes sounds great, really.


#3. Executive Chef. [To help you reach your culinary goals, obtaining a certificate is a great place to start, along with getting] a part-time job as a cook in a local restaurant or food chain, before working your way up to the heights of an Executive Chef.

By the way, the average pay for an Executive Chef in Australia is $107,000 per year


#4. Barista

#5. Event Planner. Events range from parties to gigs, to weddings, and running them is backed up by so many basic and learned skills. Universities and TAFE can help you build your career in this area with courses such as a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Event Management. Put your party throwing passion to good use, friends.


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Along with promoting our vision to inspire 100,000 people by 2020, we are committed to creating successful hospitality careers through positive employment experiences. Our aim is also to inspire the consideration of a career in the hospitality industry, rather than just a job.


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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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