Every Type of Person We've Met at a Bar

We partnered with 5Why on our previous campaign, Humans of Hospo, featuring Kylie Javier Ashton (Momofuku Seiōbo), Jared Merlino (Lobo, Kittyhawk, Big Poppa’s), and Brooke Adey (Chiswick, Bea). While 5Why continues to share content on everything from travel and entertainment to wellbeing and health, read on to get insight into the hospitality industry: The good, the bad, and the relatable.

Whether you're out with your mates or you're working behind the bar, guaranteed that you've met one-if not all of these types of people during a night out. Read on to discover every type of person we've met at a bar.


"There's probably a good chance you've met (or maybe even are...) one of these types during a cheeky night on the town" 

All the Types of People We've Met at the Bar

The types of people you'll meet at a bar


  • The Drunk Mum. The middle aged mum, typically found among her gal pals out for a good time with an affinity to Bon Jovi bangers. 
  • The Pusher. The alcohol-intake enthusiast, with an affinity to shots and all the other bad decisions. 
  • The Random Crier. Maybe they're having an emotional night or maybe they're crying for no reason. Either way, there will be tears after a few drinks.

    The Types of People We've Met at the Bar
  • The Corner Dancer. There is no boundary when it comes to busting a move for this individual. 
  • The PDA-ers. Listening is the biggest part of hospitality, whether it's listening to your guests, listening 

Check out the original article and full list of people we've met at the bar here.


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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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