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Since our business launch in 2006, we have successfully evolved in becoming experts in Sydney’s hospitality industry we have observed, been heavily involved with, and have tackled all the most significant challenges facing Sydney’s hospitality operators. From our collective experience in the industry, we understand that operators lack time and economic freedom to carry out all aspects of management with ease.

Since there are simply not enough hours in a day and given the climate of our current skills shortage, we understand that growing as a venue along with being compliant as a business and juggling multiple roles and tasks can be a challenge.

We previously outlined Sydney’s top hospitality challenges under Eating Out Australia’s published report. The results found that the top three concerns facing hospitality operators include poor work ethic, low knowledge or skill levels, and recruitment. To combat these findings, BENCHMARQUE produced a collection of free tools to aid hospitality operators in growth, productivity, and value.


Whether you’re just getting started with your venue or you’re growing your hospitality business, we believe that our Hospitality Employer Learning Centre will help your operation succeed. Read on to discover all the information to gain to help your venue to grow, leaving you with the freedom to focus on profitability.


HR Health Check

Our HR Health Check is the perfect place to start. Designed specifically to check in and determine the current health of your business, the HR Health Check is a questionnaire that allows you to rate yourself in twenty key HR performance areas which takes five minutes to complete. Next, view your unique performance score and our thoughts on how to improve. Lastly, access a copy of your results via e-mail.


Interview Guide Framework

The quality of your hospitality staff can make or break your venue. In this guide, we’ve organised questions for your consideration broken down by the most vital skills for success in hospitality: leadership, management, organisation, and soft skills. Other questions to test include aspirations, accountability, teamwork, and role awareness.

Following this framework will give you a well-rounded picture of the quality and suitability of your candidates, regardless of their discipline or experience.

Hospitality and Human Resources

Employee Onboarding Checklist

Having an effective onboarding plan for any new employee into your business should be a priority. This contributes to a positive and productive hospitality workforce as well as placing a key role in reducing your staff turnover, ultimately freeing up more of your time. In this checklist, you can expect a simple and easy framework to guide your onboarding system, broken down by day and week for your convenience.

Exit Interview Template

An often-overlooked element of any given hospitality operation is exit interviews. We see this as a missed opportunity since exit interviews help battle high turnover rates and give you insight into any room for improvement that your operation can learn from. The questionnaire allows your exiting employee to provide feedback on the reasons for leaving, brief feedback on management, training, and overall satisfaction in every aspect of the role from individual experiences to the venue and everything in between.


Hospitality Workplace Culture Plan

Positive workplace culture is vital to the success of any business. Since it’s all about the experience in hospitality, however, we believe that positive workplace culture is even more vital in our industry. The template will set your hospitality business on the right path to a positive, productive, and profitable workplace culture. It can be adjusted to suit your specific operation and expanded on or changed as you see fit.

Hospitality Staff Development Plan

Regardless of their seniority, discipline, or experience, all hospitality staff need clear development direction and the development plan is designed to support just that. It includes sections both for the employee to complete as well as the manager. The structure of the plan will then outline areas for development including tasks, skills, or behaviours along with the actions to assist in the growth.


Investing in your staff this way will reduce turnover rates, increase fulfilled employees, and residually create positive experiences both for your internal team as well as externally through to your guests or customers.


Find access to all of the above resources and all for free, right here


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Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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