Essential Traits to Look For in Casual Event Workers

It’s a grave but common mistake to be careless about the kind of people you hire as casual workers. Many events, no matter how well they’ve been planned, have been damaged by the people representing it. 

In this article, find out what essential personality traits to look for in casual event workers.

It goes without saying that finding desirable qualities like trustworthiness and reliability is an important focus. So we’ve included interview questions you can use to unearth hidden traits that are hard to find out with a direct approach.


Hire for Personality Before Qualifications

Skill can be learned, while personality can’t.

It’s puzzling that so many companies choose to hire people who boast the qualification but not the character, especially in the hospitality industry where personality is key and can make or break the event. 

Look for casual event staff who are vibrant ‘people people’ with a desire to serve, who are willing to put the needs of others before their own, and have a passion for delighting guests. Casual workers need to possess self-confidence and think quick on their feet. Ideally, he or she needs to have the ability to solve problems or challenges on the spot. 

Hospitality and Human Resources

Avoid hiring people who don’t cope well in social situations or are easily stressed. They should enjoy the fast paced nature of hospitality, be calm and handle situations with assertiveness. It’s also essential to find workers who are team players, resourceful and responsible.

While personality is key with casual staff who will need to deal directly with guests, you will need to use your discretion with regards to other positions. For management or supervisory roles, personality still plays a huge part in the success of the overall event because it can negatively impact others in the team.


Find Out What Soft Skills They Have

In addition to personality, the next most important traits to look for are what soft skills they possess. The more soft skills on their hospitality resume, the more you can safely assume they like to learn things, which is a good sign.

Good communication is vital in a team environment. Casual workers need to be able to communicate well with each other, so that the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Being organised and paying attention to detail are always good skills in the hospitality industry.


Ideas for Testing Tricky Traits

Some traits are easy to test, like whether someone is introvert or extrovert, but reliability and trustworthiness are more difficult to unearth.

To test tricky traits, you can ask carefully constructed questions:

To Determine Reliability:

Tell me about a time your day ended at work before you were able to complete a task. Their response to this question can provide major clues as to their character. Staying later to complete the task indicates dependability, but if they left before the task was completed, not so much.


Ability to Solve Problems:

Tell me about a difficult decision you once needed to make under pressure. The answer to this question can tell you a few things, like whether the person can think or solve problems under pressure, and perhaps even their communication style in tough scenarios.


Testing Trustworthiness:

What kinds of methods do you use to help others to trust you? It seems simplistic, but watch how the person responds. If they have difficulty answering this, there may be a problem, because if they are not trustworthy, they won’t attempt to instil trust through their behaviour to others.

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