Compliant Procedures: Inducting Restaurant Employees

Like anything in the hospitality industry, simply going through the motions of what is expected won’t deliver results. Onboarding a new employee into your restaurant is no exception.


Did you know that 77% of new hires who hit their first performance milestone have had a formal onboarding? Manager satisfaction also increases by 20% when their employees have had a formal onboarding, and the induction process has been proven to increase performance by 11%, along with 54% greater new hire productivity.

These figures speak for themselves and reinforce the importance of the induction process. So rather than rushing through the onboarding process when welcoming a new employee, it pays to invest in the induction method. Here is our checklist to ensure a smooth one.


Clearly explain the job role and their pay, including awards

This might go without saying but complete transparency and clarity with your new employee’s role should be a priority. Ensure that your new hire is familiar with your restaurant’s policies, operations, and of course their pay. It's also a great idea to send your new employee home with a job desctiption to reiterrate everything you've verbally discussed up to this point. It also doesn’t hurt to go over their working rights. This is especially appropriate if your new employee is on a student or holiday visa, for example.

Introduce the team and their respective roles


Again, transparency is key. Introducing your new employee to the rest of the team and their roles will help make them feel welcome and valued. Seeing the big picture of how your restaurant functions in terms of responsibilities will also ensure a smoothly-run venue.

When it comes to warmth and inclusiveness, the more valued an employee feels, the more motivation and pride is likely to show in their work. As a result, this leads to less turnover which is great news for everyone. Keep in mind that too much detail may result in overwhelming your new hire though, so try and keep it short and sweet.

Explain the culture and fundamentals of the restaurant


Never underestimate the importance of workplace culture and the vision of your restaurant. It’s likely that your new employee chose to apply at your restaurant because of its reputation and culture, so it's always a great idea to reinforce them. This will reassure the new employee that they've made the right decision in joining your restaurant's team. 

Be open with communciation and conduct a follow-up review


Like being open with roles and culture, it's important to explain why your restaurant does what it does. Be clear about your goals and expectations, and aim to create an environment where staff feel comfortable sharing feedback.

The relationship with your employees should be cyclical. With your support the restaurant staff will perform well which will result in a positive working environment, attract more guests, minimise turnover, and ultimately create more revenue with a memorable dining experience for your guests. Don't underestimate the value of your staff's feedback. To ensure that this process doesn't get forgotten, it's a good idea to book a follow-up review session shortly after you've completed the induction process.

Trust us when we say that investing in inductions is an investment worth making. Keep in mind that employees that are successfully onboarded are 69% more likely to remain for up to three years. Furthermore, effective onboarding ensures 50% greater new hire retention. As a result of a successful induction your new hire could be your best staff before you know it. If you'd like more tips on leading employer practices, download our free fact sheet below. 


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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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