So you’ve scored an interview in a restaurant, bar, or nightclub venue. Well done! The hardest part is over but just Now in order to be fully prepared at your interview, we’ve compiled a list of essentials that you'll need to land that job.

Here is everything you need to be successful at your hospitality interview.


1. Your Appearance


Before you go to your interview, you should research the venue that you’re interviewing for. If you’re unable to visit the venue in person, a simple Google search and sweep of their social channel(s) should give you an idea of the vibe of the place.


You should aim to dress similarly to how you’ve seen the staff dress. If you’re unsure or you find a wide range of appearances, always aim for the sharpest look. Meaning, if you have the choice of something more casual or something more professional or formal, definitely go for the latter. After all, this is an interview and you want to make the best impression possible. Dressing up shows that you’ve made an effort and you care. Speaking of which, ensure that your body language reflects this as well. Stand up straight, make eye contact, never cross your arms, and practice an assertive handshake before you go.


2. What You Need


Before your hospitality interview, you should ensure that you have a valid NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). If you’re not an Australian resident, you should also be aware of which visa you’re on, what your working restrictions are (if any), and how long you plan on staying in the area.


These are all questions that you’re potential employer will want to know before they hire you and it’s always a good idea to have a clear grasp on your short term plans. Coming across blasé especially in this regard would be a big mistake and could hurt your chances at landing the job.

Before Your Hospitality Interview The Essentials


3. What To Bring


Even if you’ve already sent it through, you should absolutely bring a copy of your CV or resume along with your cover letter. This will make it easier for your interviewer just in case they don’t have a copy on hand and it shows your organisation and initiative.


Speaking of which, other documents that you should be bringing with you is your NSW RSA card, a copy of your passport or some form of government-issued identification, along with a copy of your visa, if you have one. Bonus: If you’re a tertiary student and you’re on a visa, it’s also a great idea to bring your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). You can obtain your COE directly from your university or college.



Looking for more tips on how to land that interview? Discover our modern guide on how to land that hospitality job here. Ready to put your interview knowledge to use? Apply below to be a part of the BENCHMARQUE network and we'll connect you with Sydney's top restaurants, bars, events, and nightlife. 


About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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