5 Ways to Motivate Your Hospitality Staff

The most valuable asset in any hospitality business is the front line staff. It’s common knowledge that happy and motivated staff are not only healthy for your business, but they're also vital in representing your operation in a positive way by creating the best experience for your guests. When it comes to your hospitality venue, the overall service and how they feel is what will be remembered above all else, no matter how delicious the meal is, for example.

Here are our top five ways to motivate your hospitality staff, resulting in lower turnover rates, higher performance, and a more successful business overall.


1. Communication is key

Just like any positive relationship, being open and honest with communication will generate the best results. The workplace is no exception. Great hospitality leaders will ensure that all managerial staff are approachable and open for help to all of their staff.

This means that the staff should feel comfortable sharing their ideas, asking for guidance, and seeking support if any issues in the workplace arise. Not only does this cultivate a positive environment leaving your team feel valued and heard, but open communication will also cultivate a more productive and positive working environment.


2. Have a functional structure in place

Onboard your staff the right way by aligning your staff with your business vision and mission. This is the first and possibly most critical step in the onboarding process and placing value in your team. Manager satisfaction increases by 20% when their employees have had a formal onboarding, and the induction process has been proven to increase performance by 11%, along with 54% greater new hire productivity.

Beyond onboarding your staff, your functional structure should also include a resource strategy, creating bespoke interview guidelines and skills assessments, through to sick call replacements, performance reviews, and exit interviews. Essentially, it’s a complete workforce management plan and it’s going to help your business succeed.

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3. Promote teamwork

To utilise your team to their maximum capabilities, it’s important to cultivate teamwork surrounding your hospitality staff. Implementing team-building activities and gathering your entire team together on a monthly basis ensures that your team stands behind your company’s values and vision. Involve and engage your team as much as you can, enforcing your business’ unique workplace culture plan.


4. Acknowledge and reward excellent work

An often vital but overlooked component to keep your hospitality staff motivated and loyal is by acknowledging excellent work. An employee’s sense of worth within a business can greatly affect their behaviour, and within a hospitality business, it’s important that employees from all levels feel that their work has a sense of value.

Your recognition and reward system should highlight both behaviour and performance. Communicate to your staff with a simple “thank-you” or gift card to acknowledge excellent work or get more creative with a reward system to reinforce your staff’s confidence and encourage others to put in hard work as well.


5. Encourage growth within your team

High staff turnover rates are one of the biggest headaches that hospitality operators face. People often enter the hospitality industry without formal training, but encouraging upskilling programs can be a great way to show your employees that you’re committed to their professional growth. Without this forward momentum, your staff may feel stagnant or bored and will end up seeking a fresh challenge elsewhere.

Providing opportunities for ongoing education by implementing training programs or workshops creates a powerful incentive for employees to stay loyal and motivated to your business in the long run. Show your team that working hard and being successful in their roles can lead to new opportunities within your business.



Looking for further tips to manage and nurture your hospitality team? Discover our Hospitality Employer Learning Centre and access your free tips and templates below.


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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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