If you’re in the early stages of finding employees for your hospitality business, you’ll soon realise that it’s no easy task. You may go the traditional route and post a job on Seek or Indeed, only to be bombarded with low-quality applicants and a growing advertisement bill. Or you may rely on word-of-mouth and be left waiting for months without any interest. 

Both of these options can be expensive and inefficient, but they’re not the only paths to take. There are several low-cost and effective recruitment strategies you can use when building your team of staff. 

In this post, we outline five affordable recruitment strategies to try, and explain why enlisting outside help in your search for talent can be a more cost-effective option.


1. Attend Events

According to Jobvite, 74% of working people are open to the possibility of a new job, even if they aren't directly searching. So when you need to recruit hard-to-find, quality people, going to an event where the right people are going to be is a useful strategy that is often overlooked. 

Visit the Eventbrite website to locate events where you might find the kind of people you’re looking for. These don’t have to be job-specific events, just relevant functions where ideal candidates may be hanging around. For example, if you’re looking for a Head Chef, a culinary event could prove to be a goldmine of talent. 

Go armed to make it easy to connect with the prospect and to get them to take action. Use discretion and dignity, and be respectful of their current position.


2. LinkedIn

On the most basic level, the Advanced Search function on LinkedIn can be used to search for keywords, locations and job titles which will bring up a shortlist of potential candidates. A Recruiter LinkedIn account is an obviously superior option, but also comes with considerable monthly fees per user. 

Contacting potential candidates directly using LinkedIn’s introduction requests and InMail is still possible with a free profile. With LinkedIn, you could also:

  • Use your 2nd degree connections to enquire about anyone they would recommend.
  • Join LinkedIn groups in various industries, connect with others and get exposure to more people.
  • Surf profiles. People who have LinkedIn profiles are likely to be passive job seekers - they’re not actively looking for other opportunities, but may just be interested in what you have to offer.


3. Social Media Marketing

Inc reports that 79% of people look for new jobs on social media first, and 86% if they are in the first 10 years of their career. The good news is that LinkedIn is only one of many social media avenues where your talent may be hiding.

To achieve success with social media for hospitality recruitment, you will need a solid strategy and a bank of attractive, helpful or entertaining content.

First, focus on your target audience in order to develop a social media strategy that appeals to the people you are looking for, and avoid only posting job opportunities. Instead, combine your social media efforts with your website and offer value-add information to link to. For your new hospitality business, consider combining job availabilities with exciting information on the progress of your venue.

This pro’s and con’s guide will help you when planning hospitality recruitment strategies on Facebook.


4. Attract candidates online

A great way to get the right candidates is by drawing them to you, and you can do this with your own website. It may be one of the toughest methods to get going, and the one which takes the most time, but when it rewards you, it will do so richly.

Bear in mind that to attract organic traffic via search engines involves a focus on your target audience, and providing real solutions for their problems. Blogging can be an effective way to attract candidates and requires the skills of a good writer who can also optimise blog posts so that search engines find them easily.

Although this article is restaurant-specific, the guidelines to blogging remain the same, and will be beneficial to consider when planning this hospitality recruitment strategy.


5. Use an Outsourced Hospitality Recruitment Company

The strategies listed above may be low cost, but they also have a tendency to be hit and miss when done incorrectly. Prospecting on LinkedIn, building your brand on social media, producing insightful content for your website and attending the same events as your prospective talent takes a lot of time.

For this reason, hospitality businesses are finding that using an outsourced employer like BENCHMARQUE is the most reliable and efficient way to secure high-quality candidates for their business. 

For more information on how we can help your business find the talent it deserves, download our Temporary and Permanent Talent Services Fact Sheet today.


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