3 Ways to Attract Candidates in a Skills Shortage

Given the current hospitality skills shortage, now perhaps more than ever it’s imperative to attract the right candidates for your venue. Gone are the days of throwing up a generic job advertisement on SEEK. All the great talent out there have options, so why would they go for the standard, boring post that doesn’t illustrate culture or character?


Read on to discover how your venue can benefit from switching up your job ads to attract the best candidates in a skills shortage. Here are our top three strategies to optimise your recruitment practices. 

1. Embrace Social Media


With more than 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram globally, not utilising these platforms would be a serious lack of opportunity. Social media platforms should be a part of your operation’s online presence already so extending your recruitment strategies to social is a natural progression.

In terms of content, what you should be focusing on is videos and photos that showcase your business’ brand. Don’t worry about making it highly produced or professional. When it comes to social media authenticity is key, so focus on what you have and take it from there. Keep your text simple and descriptive, linking to a landing page with more details about the role(s).


2. Utilise Your Current Staff


Lean into employee advocacy. Allowing your current employees to promote your business organically through word of mouth and social media platforms is a surefire way to attract candidates that will have a genuine interest in your business.

As we’ve said, your current team members are your biggest asset and this is no exception when it comes to recruitment. Trust us when we say this simple tool will build trusting consumers, establish and grow your brand awareness, as well as improve your recruitment processes.

3. Think Outside the Box

Rather than sticking to traditional job search platforms like SEEK, Indeed, and Jora, we highly recommend exploring more modern platforms to recruit skilled and passionate hospitality staff. Where might this be? You guessed it - LinkedIn and Facebook. But rather than solely throwing out job ads from your own channel (which we definitely recommend doing by the way!) we advocate joining Facebook groups.

There are hundreds of Facebook groups out there dedicated to hospitality staff recruitment. Search the appropriate region for your venue and have a look at what’s out there. You’ll also discover that these Facebook groups can be as general and as specific as possible. For example, the Sydney Hospitality Crew group falls under a general group where you can post anything from event waitstaff to hosts to bar managers and the Sydney Bartender Exchange is obviously a little more specialised, focusing on bar jobs exclusively.

Finding the best hospitality staff for your venue in these groups means that you also must be an active member yourself. Meaning, you should be posting, commenting, and sharing relevant content when you can. Join in group discussions and reach out to the profiles that match your available roles.

And there you have it! Say goodbye to those mundane job ads and descriptions and hello to creativity. Looking for more tips to hire and maintain your staff during this hospitality skills shortage? Click below to redeem your free fact sheet to learn more. 

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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality.


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