Summer has well and truly arrived! Time to anticipate the bulk of the 4.2 million international visitors arriving in New South Wales this month. With all the varying holiday celebrations and Australia’s enviable summer weather, it’s no wonder that Sydney’s silly season is simultaneously the most hectic and profitable time of the year.

With all the chaos comes higher stress levels and more pressure on every hospitality venue to perform well. And with all the hustle it’s easy to lose focus on what’s most important when it comes to your hospitality business: investing in your staff. We’re here to help with our top three tips to survive and thrive through the busy summer season.

1. Be (Over) Prepared 

Well, as prepared as you can be. Given the unpredictable and challenging nature of the hospitality industry, we recognise that it’s near impossible to be completely prepared for this summer’s busy season. The best way to be prepared, however, is to know exactly how many staff you require, then overshoot that target. When hiring your staff, ensure that you have a few casuals on hand in the event that some of your employees falls ill or something similar. There's nothing worse than having the integrity of your venue suffer due to understaffing.

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2. Skill and Personality, Not Numbers

Just because the busy season is ramping up, we urge you not to compromise the quality of your hires. Now more than ever, hiring your staff for their personality, skill, and passion should be a priority. While it may be tempting to hire individuals in a panic to fill your staffing needs, sticking to choosing the right staff for your venue or event should always take precedence. After all, your staff are a direct representation of your hospitality venue and you should have complete confidence in your staff during the most important time of the year, right?


3. Availability and Qualifications

Once you know what to look for when hiring and you’ve calculated how many staff are needed (with a couple of extras), you should be mindful of selecting your staff based on availability and visa rights. Do they have full working rights? Are they going on holiday? Do they expect to have New Year's Eve off? What about Christmas Day? Do they have a valid RSA certification? These are all questions you need to be asking before making a hire.


Do we have you worried? Don’t panic. We all know the Australian Tourism Labour Force report predicts a 123,000 skilled worker-shortfall by 2020, but with 11 years of hospitality recruitment behind us, BENCHMARQUE can help with your recruitment needs. We guarantee a 99% attendance rate, work rights certification, RSA certification, pre-screened for skills on all service types, and more much more. Learn how we can help below.  

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About the author Carlyn Shaw

Drawing on 12 years of hospitality experience and coming from a Communications background, I am passionate about all things hospitality. From industry insight and experience, I join BENCHMARQUE in the effort to inspire 100,000 people to commence and grow their professional hospitality careers by year 2020.


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