2019 Wrap Up

2019 Wrap Up

Every year, we like to look back on what we’ve accomplished as a business and what we’re aiming to achieve moving forward. As the end of another year draws near, t’s a great opportunity to check-in not just in terms of habits and New Years Resolutions but also new strategies to maintain (or build) a healthy lifestyle for yourself.


In the past, we’ve pledged to find value every day, focus on our goals, and increase self-awareness. As 2019 comes to an end, we will be carrying these mantras through to 2020 and we would also like to review what BENCHMARQUE has accomplished in the past 13 years.


Since BENCHMARQUE began as Sydney’s best practice hospitality recruitment agency, we have published a total of 325 blogs, catering to candidates looking for employment or support as well as hospitality and venue operators, looking for guidance or useful resources to help grow their business.


We’ve penned new blogs every week (like the one you’re reading now!) ranging from red flags to look for at your workplace to memory techniques for servers to ways to motivate your hospitality staff and how to write an irresistible hospitality job description, reaching thousands of readers weekly.


When it comes to reach, we’ve assessed over 20,000 hospitality candidates, managed and scheduled over 40,000 shifts annually, have upwards of 400 active casuals employees who we all know by name and not by number.


We have serviced over 750 client relationships and have regularly processed 20,000 hours of work through our payroll team with compliance and integrity.


We have also had a strong online presence, building our brand and speaking to our audiences through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Over the past two years alone, we’ve increased our visitors and traffic by over 200% so we would like to extend our thanks to you for being here with us!


Giving Back

As a best practice employer, we have committed to being a Business For Good to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). So what does that mean? For every shift performed by our on-site hospitality workforce and internal head office team, we are proud to provide access to clean water to people in Malawi by sponsoring a simple well and water pump. The simple contribution is all that is needed to help our planet’s less fortunate live more fulfilling lives. The more you work with us, the more your effort counts.

Track our progress and learn more about the initiative here.


Despite all the growth and change throughout our 13 years of operation, our core values have not changed. This is, perhaps, what has kept us at the top of the recruitment agencies here in Sydney. With our 4.9 Google rating from over 70 individuals, we are humbled every day to hear that our values are aligning with our hospitality candidates and clients alike.


One element of growth, however, that we’ve shifted from is the mission to inspire 100,000 individuals to consider a hospitality career by year 2020. We fuelled this goal with our CEO, Marlowe, visiting high schools and speaking to the next generation about the endless possibilities that a hospitality career can serve. And while we don’t have the hard and fast numbers to claim whether or not we’ve inspired 100,000 people by the end of this week, we think that if we haven’t hit the mark, we must be pretty darn close.


In addition to focusing on inspiring the next generation, our purpose is to ensure we are providing positive employment experiences of the best kind for our workforce and to the industry as a whole.

Since its inception, BENCHMARQUE continues to strive for positive employment experiences in hospitality. As a collective, BENCHMARQUE inspires and nurtures professional careers by promoting growth and providing the workforce with the guidance, tools, and solutions to lead throughout the industry.

To wrap it up, we’d like to extend another thank-you for being involved with BENCHMARQUE in any way this year or the past 13 years, and we’re looking forward to what the next 13 years bring us!

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