2017 Wrap Up

2017 Wrap Up


As the industry continues to grow, 2017 saw us applying more focus and adapting our operations to how the workforce is managed.

As a business, we’re constantly seeking new and fresh ways to engage with the workforce. We have been passionate about speaking out about the critical shortage and advising on what realistic and achievable solutions are easily accessible. Here's a look back on our biggest moments of 2017.

Treating the workforce with empathy has always been a priority for all of us at BENCHMARQUE. With personal experience and backgrounds in the hospitality industry ourselves, we understand the challenges both professionally and personally one must adapt to in order to be successful. We value team growth with positive reinforcement over negativity.

2017 was a big year for us

Earlier in the year, we were invited to address the students participating at Kenvale College's annual Winefest. Since 1994, the event has provided an opportunity for students to showcase the skills and knowledge they have earned at Kenvale College. As the guest of honor, I talked about positive employment experiences and how it is our responsibility to lead by example and invest in best practice employment to somehow stop the leaking of skilled and engaged people from our industry. We were also awarded employment partner of the year for our contribution and investment in our relationship with Kenvale College.

We have also been recognized and featured in Business Review Australia's November issue as a best-practice hospitality employment business with a difference. The spread highlighted our unique angle to the forecasted skills shortage and our take on careers within the hospitality. Furthermore, we were able to reiterate our brand values to inspire others, grow through learning, and lead by example. 

BENCHMARQUE has also had the opportunity to support and partner with programs like PaTH, where we were chosen as a featured industry leader and had the opportunity to share our insight and preparation for the future of the hospitality industry. We also supported great events like Food for Thought, a charity event supporting and raising awareness of anxiety and depression in the industry.

Operators continue to feel the pinch with the labour rates last minute increase implemented as of the 1st of January, 2018. While not everyone agrees with the outcome, only time will tell how this effects workers and business. Needless to say, changes like these have propelled the industry to adapt and think innovatively. BENCHMARQUE is no exception and we apporach 2018 with more excitement and anticipation than ever. 


Paving the way for youth

We are continuing to showcase the success one can experience via a career in hospitality. We visited a group of Year 10s at Blakehurst High School and introduced the benefits of taking up a casual hospitality job as soon as possible. We also discussed the benefits of working on the frontline to increase confidence and social engagement.

Next year, we are thrilled to meet another 30 + schools across the state as we embark on our quest to inspire 100,000 youth into the workforce for the first time.

Hospitality is an upstanding avenue for employment and a career worth pursuing. Grow with us on our journey, get involved by sharing our message, and invite BENCHMARQUE to speak at your local high school. Join the conversation. #Inspire2020

Take care and from all of us at BENCHMARQUE, we wish you a successful and rewarding 2018.


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About the author Marlowe Bennett

Drawing on 22 years personal experience and over 23,000 professional hours working across Sydney’s hospitality industry, these articles intend to inspire young candidates to join our industry and support aligned operators in building positive employment environments for the aspiring hospitality professional. Please feel free to contact me directly if you feel I could help or if you would like us to cover an important topic or industry matter.


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