With countless free online resume tools now available, creating an eye-catching resume that sets you apart from the rest is easier than ever before. But be warned... there are pros and there are cons to using these tools, even the paid versions, but as long as you’re aware of them, you can make the best choice for you.

Look out for these pointers: 

  • Does the tool allow you to save and download to your computer?
  • Can you edit it after publishing?
  • Will the tool allow you to download your resume for free? 

Aside from our Candidate Learning Centre, which has 6 downloadable hospitality resume templates, here are 11 free online resume tools that will make your information stand out.


1. Canva

The Canva resume tool offers a number of creative, flexible templates, as well as design elements so you can make it look exactly as you want. Anything on the template can be changed, including the colours, and you can upload your own images if you can’t find a free stock photo in their gallery.

Once it’s done, download it to your computer as a PDF, or get a link to share it online.


2. INeedAResu.me

It’s not going to produce as flamboyant a resume as Canva, but INeedAResu.me is an online resume tool that will definitely up your game.

A simple tool to use, add your details in sections, tweak the theme design, and then save or download it as a PDF. You can also create cover letters.

The only hitch is that if you want to edit your resume later, you can’t clear your computer’s cache or you will lose everything, and you’ll need to use the same browser to access your information again.


3. Visualize.me

Visualize.me, currently in beta phase, allows the creation of a visually appealing resume in infographic form.

Prospective employers can find out details about you in picture form, in a way they understand.


4. KickResume

With KickResume, create a resume, cover letter and personal website, all with the same theme that is fully customisable.

Unfortunately, with the free version, you are only able to create a resume with the templates they provide, but if you go premium, you get all the power, and with additional payment, you can even get it all spell and grammar checked.


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5. Resume Check

If you already have a resume, you may want to check it to see how “good” it is.

With Resume Check, get a score to let you know how effective your resume is: how well it sells you in terms of what’s written in it, grammar, verbs, fonts, ease of reading, communication, flow, length and spelling.


6. VisualCV

VisualCV gives the opportunity to create a beautiful resume from a template. You can make different versions with just a click, which is important when applying for different positions. Your resume is actually a webpage that can be downloaded as a PDF for more traditional job applications.

Upload any form of media, even PDFs and presentations, which really makes it more of an online portfolio than just an online resume tool.

The only problem is that it offers you one version of your resume, and you need to pay for others.


7. About.me

About.me gives you a link to one page to display information that tells a prospective employer who you are. It allows you to centralise all the links to your social media sites and to your blog posts, as well as your online portfolio.

Upload an image that depicts who you are. The page acts as a kind of “hook” - it’s a great way to showcase your skills.


8. Wix Resume Website

For free, create a resume or portfolio website with Wix, to direct employers to.

Choose from 100’s of templates and applications, embed videos and design your website with a drag and drop builder.


9. Resume Template

Resume Template is much plainer and simpler than any of the other options on this list of online resume tools, but we included it because although it’s not as visually appealing, it still works to make your resume look professional.

It’s also different to the other options because you create it online from a template, and then download it as a PDF or Word document. The best thing about Resume Template is that you can edit the Word document once you’ve downloaded it, and be in absolute control of it forever.


10. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is an absolutely free online resume tool. While it does not add too much creative flair, does a pretty good job at making your resume pop in a very corporate way.

They offer a huge amount of bullet point phrases across various industries, and the tool formats your resume for you in a clean style, focussing on your most impressive points, and in one click, can be downloaded to PDF and Word.


11. Zety

Zety is a great resource with their step-by-step guide on how to create a resume in 5 minutes. Their catalogue of over 20 resume templates offers examples of right vs. wrong formatting to help along the way.

Zety offers tailored resume builders for specific hospitality roles, such as waitstaff, barista, bartender, manager, and many more. 

Pro Tip!

When creating your resume, with whatever tool you choose, avoid making these common hospitality resume mistakes.


Once you’ve completed your new resume and are looking for Sydney hospitality jobs, why not submit it with us? We have access to some of the city’s best restaurant, bar, nightlife and event roles available to all levels of experience.


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